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    Checksum correction

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    Making your own Engine calibrations ?

    • If you change any data in EPROM file content and do not recalculate the checksums, the control unit will "reject" this data. To prevent this you must correct the checksum before uploading your calibration file to the ECU.
    • Our service of checksums (crc) calculation, will help you if need to change some data in EPROM.
    • After payment and sending us your calibration file we will recalculate all checksums for you and write them to your file to make the control unit "accept" your file.


    Please check our ECU list for supported checksum algorithms.

    • Bosch EDC 16
    • Bosch ME7 / MP7 / MED7
    • Delphi DCM x.x
    • Sagem 3000x
    • Siemens SID xxx
    • Siemens SIM xx
    • Siemens Sirius 31-32-34
    • Siemens EMS 31xx
    • Valeo V4x V5x


    Engine calibrations, Unlock codes, Modules and car (reprog) licenses are digital content. Digital content is non-returnable and non-refundable.
    After placing your order, please submit a ticket in the checksum correction category and include your files.


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