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    Clio 2 xBxx Overrun Calibration
    Sales price 49,00 €

    Clio 2 xBxx Overrun Calibration (for decatted vehicles only !)

    • Overrun function
    • Torque increase
    • Better warm-up behaviour
    • Improved idle
    • Smoother engine


    Engine calibrations, Unlock codes, Modules and car (reprog) licenses are digital content. Digital content is non-returnable and non-refundable.
    This product is not road legal and for decatted exhausts only.
    After placing your order, please submit a ticket in the calibration category and include a screenshot of RSTuner. We need this information to send you the correct file(s).
    When performing a complete ECU reprogramming (.rst file) make sure you program the correct software version! Programming the wrong software version can inflict permanent damage to the ECU and its sub-systems. A 100% battery condition + 10A battery charger are crucial when performing a full ECU rewrite.

    Reprogramming the ECU is for your own risk at all times!


    Sunday, 19 August 2018
    Love the crackles and pops .
    Yousuf arif