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    RSTuner Kit

    RSTuner Diagnostics & Programmer kit
    Close-up of standard RSTuner model.
    Sales price 215,00 €
    Pictured with USB and OBD cables.
    LEDs showing connection status.
    Top right: Pro / Premium model with detached I/O plug.

    The RSTuner kit allows you to unlock your Renault's hidden power.

    Simply plug the interface in between your laptop and your car's OBD diagnostics port, and within minutes you can upload one of our performance maps to give you additional engine horsepower. No cutting, wiring, or other such modifications, simply plug-and-play and enjoy the unlocked performance.


    Fastchip Stage1 map is included with every purchase that will give instant performance gains between 1-40 Horsepower (depending on the car type) , over stock levels.
    Our included Stage 1 map will NOT lock your ECU ! Unless you request us to do so (to prevent dealer overwriting for instance)


    Also gives you the ability to easily change maps as you upgrade to new parts for your car. All possible with a few mouse clicks with the RSTuner kit!

    Our staged maps are developed in house and tested on a Dynojet single roller rolling road, to guarantee top quality.


    For details and images of the products included in this kit, please see:


    RSTuner software project page


    VCI hardware project page


    User Requirements

    • Familiarity with standard Windows based software applications. [PC/laptop needed]
    • RSTuner is provided on the understanding that the user appreciates and understands the responsibilities in regards to reprogramming the ECU.
    • User must have a good knowledge of the English language as the software comes in an English version only !


    RSTuner Pro

    Our Pro model accepts up to 4 external sensors (0-5 V) such as Wide Band sensors, right into our auto-scaling Live Data datalogger. You will have real time data from those sensors integrated with your standard engine ECU Sensor Data for easier understanding.


    RSTuner Premium

    The Premium model comes with a built-in 'Flight Data Recorder' which can record many hours of engine live data without the use of a laptop, simply by pressing the control button. During trackdays all data can be recorded and later reviewed at home from your PC. External trigger port can be set to every available live data parameter. This way it can be set up to be a shift light, knock warning light or an IC waterspray trigger. Or anything else that you find useful.



    RSTuner model comparison chart

    RSTuner features Standard Pro Premium
    OBD Protocol

    ISO 8 / ISO 9141 / ISO 14230
    CAN 15765 CAN

    Reprogramming Y Y Y
    Actuator test Y Y Y
    DTC Fault codes Y Y Y
    Performance analyzer Y Y Y
    Performance calibration (single vehicle license) Y Y Y
    Real-time datalogger
    (csv export feature allows you to view via Excel)
    Y Y Y
    Analog I/O connector
    (connect wideband sensors or other)
      Y Y
    Flight Data Recorder
    (internal storage without the need for a laptop)
    Other modules All other modules are compatible with all RSTuner variants. Visit the modules section of our shop to see all available modules to extend the functionality of your RSTuner!


    What do you get? RSTuner Kit contents:

    Standard Pro Premium
    Fastchip VCI hardware Standard Pro with:
    +analog I/O
    Premium with:
    +analog I/O
    +internal storage
    Firmware Updatable firmware
    Software Latest RSTuner software
    Map / calibration Fastchip Stage1 map - instant performance gains between 1-40 horsepower (depending on car type) over stock levels.
    OBD-RJ45 cable Y Y Y
    USB A/B cable Y Y Y
    Quickstart Guide Y Y Y
    Analog I/O   Y Y
    Internal storage     Y
    Auxillary USB car plug     Y


    In short, all you need to get started with tuning your Renault!


    Ordering help

    Version: the type of RSTuner Kit you wish to purchase (see comparison chart above)
    Vehicle: The vehicle model the RSTuner will be used on. The four characters you see listed (e.g. CB**) are the first four characters after "VF1" in the VIN. Example: VF1CB220605829478. Your VIN is your chassis number starting with 'VF1". Look onto your car registration or door sticker.
    Modules: select the optional module you wish to purchase to extend the capabilities of your RSTuner (more modules are available, see the modules section in our shop for detailed information). Additional modules can also simply be added to your cart, the dropdown menu here is added for your convenience.


    Friday, 21 February 2020
    It's 2020 and Henk is still very much in full force. He has not only transformed the way my Clio 197 performs but has made me fall back in love with the car. For those of you who do not know who Henk is, he is the wizard behind the RSTuner. I know of his reputation from various Renault forums - His customer service is impeccable. He comes back to me within 24 hours or less and in some cases, within a few hours. His attention to detail and communication is excellent. Goes the 'extra mile' and his prices IMO are very cheap. All of this can be backed up, just check Renault forums (cliosport.net, clio197.net etc). The Mapping - Very easy, all you need is a laptop and 10A or better battery charger. As long as you read instructions thoroughly and do everything right, you'll be fine. I initially came to Henk just before Christmas 2019 and expected to be sent a file and some instructions and I'd be on my way. Boy was I wrong! Henk required a data log (super easy to do) and then came back to me and told me that my car was already remapped. I pulled the map off the car and got it to Henk where he found the timing had been advanced (bad news!) amongst other things and supplied me with a stock map and the latest software for the ECU (free of charge!). I put the stock map and updated software on and the car was instantly better. This was not the end, though. I then supplied Henk with another data log which revealed further problems (that I was totally unaware of). Turns out my 2 of my coils were toasted as they were very old. Got these and the plugs changed and I have to say, I've had the car 2 years now, it has never performed this well! Henk then supplied me with the Stage 1 Performance map, which was applied and the result is genuinely breath taking. I'm limited to 2000 characters. To sum this up, if you have any doubts or fears about mapping, do not question the FastChip
    Frank Perry
    Wednesday, 26 December 2018
    All the reviews are spot on. I am on my second honeymoon with my Clio IV RS again. Love your work Henk.
    Joseph Samolej
    Friday, 25 May 2018
    First of all using RSTuner is easy and literally your kid can do it. With new calibration my clio is reborn. No flap spot, better throttle response and all together amazing results. Don't hesitate because this will change your car for better and put smile on your face. My best recommendation to everyone who ownes Renault
    Thursday, 08 March 2018
    I used the RStuner VCI to update my stock ecu cal. file on my (53) RS Clio with the stage 1 (98ron) cal. file. The update took only a few minutes & my car has been totally transformed... It now seems to have more power & more torque, especially in the low to mid rev range. ? In addition to this it now also handles corners far better than it ever did before, the increase in torque totally eliminates any oversteer issues & causes the car to understeer more which in my opinion is easier to manage. ? Awesome, ? % recommend. BillyClio, UK. ??
    William John Braniff
    Wednesday, 16 August 2017
    Update 2020: After having my Clio IV 200 for a couple of years, I decided to upgrade the car a little further. It now has a Front mounted intercooler, a upgraded Down-pipe with hi-flow cat and an upgraded Intake setup. To make the most of the upgrade I had Henk make a custom engine remap for the car remotely. The results were excellent, a lot more mid-range power and good gains made in the top end along with very good stability even after hard driving. The process was completed in just a couple of weeks and communication via email and the ticket service system on this website was good. Thank you Henk! From 2017: Hello all, I ordered the kit for my Clio IV 200 and the results were great and noticeable right from the first drive after the cal file was loaded. You won't find a bigger performance gain for the money on any other performance mods. Using the software was easy and Henk answered my questions normally within 24hours. The instructions provided give plenty of detail to make the whole thing as stress free as possible. My friend has also brought a kit for his Megane II RS225, its also seen big gains. So from that I can say I recommend this product for sure.
    Tim Mayne
    Monday, 16 March 2015
    Excellent product. I'm no technician but the instructions were simple enough to follow. Henk helps wherever he can, too. There is no better value product on the market for Renault. Period.
    Jonathan Tietke
    Thursday, 10 October 2013
    Thanks for all your help and support Henk! Awesome hardware, easy to use software and the provided 98ron .cal @ no added cost! And what a difference it made to my 172, best performance mod yet! Cant wait to try out the overrun map!
    Wednesday, 10 July 2013
    Fantastic bit of kit and easy to use, a must for every Megane 225 owner. Added the ABS module which is brilliant and have now increased the mph threshold for the ESP activation.rnJust buy one and see!
    gary fake
    Tuesday, 12 February 2013
    A very good tool!! very happy!!. Brilliant service can't recommend enough. The throttle response now is amazing!
    Manuel Rivas Perea
    Friday, 17 February 2012
    absolute superb bit of kit my RS 182 drives so much better.rnBrilliant service can't recommend enough
    martin rockliffe
    Sunday, 28 August 2011
    Just received my Rstuner and loaded the performance map on my R26 Megane Sport. The power gains are incredible...it is running so strong, I couldnt be happier. Thanks Henk for all your help, Im truely amazed at the difference!
    Clint Kymdell
    Friday, 15 July 2011
    This is a MUST have for anyone who ownes an RS. The Diagnostic tools are excellent!! The RSTuner is very user friendly... anyone can use it. Also very safe!! The Performance upgrade on Fastchip's Calibration files are GREAT!! You will feel an immediate power increase!! EXCELLENT EXCELLENT product!! Best value for money ever!!
    Tuesday, 12 July 2011
    Excellent product! Powerful diagnostic tool! I had an issue with boost cut, Wit the RSTuner's Log Henk was able to pinpoint the problem area. Turn out I had a boost leak around a sensor. This tool is worth it for the logging alone! rnrnThanks Henk!
    Andre Marrero
    Saturday, 18 June 2011
    what a difference my clio feels, no more lumpy idle,and it feels and drives so smooth,and when planting my right foot it pulls really nice, and the throttle responce is alot more freely for sure, the clio feels alot healthy.
    marcus hookdale
    Saturday, 19 February 2011
    Finally got a performance calibration for my Megane RS 250 Cup, the result is fantastic! The car keep accelerating with huge of torque from 3000rpm to red line. RS Tuner transform the Megane RS 250 to a true Focus RS Killer. Will explore more on the track later on.
    Chun Yin Philip Tse
    Sunday, 16 January 2011
    Just back from my first run after loading the new map and can't take the smile from my face. well worth the money and as long as you read and understand the instruction very easy to do. It feels like a tighter stronger more free reving engine.it idles much more smoothy and pulls much harder in each gear.feels like a new car.looking forward to the drive to work tomorrow:)
    paul fleming
    Tuesday, 09 March 2010
    Bought this October 2008 and still having fun connecting it to the car :). Checking live data and doing performance runs is great but the best thing for me is the fault code reader. This function has helped me out many of times!! Great product....still :) Thanks Henk
    Terry Wakely
    Sunday, 06 December 2009
    Excellent product and fantastic results. Was a little unsure being from New Zealand but Henk is very professional and helpful. A must have mod for any RS owner.
    Friday, 10 July 2009
    Excellent product, very easy to program your Renault by yourself and you also get diagnostics and performance analyzer. My Clio is much more snappy now.
    Friday, 15 May 2009
    Livraison super rapide. Commandé Mercredi et reçu lundi très bien emballé. Utilisation très simple, reconnaissance immédiate sur la Clio 3 rs. Mise a jour du boitier avec le downloads du site en procédant comme ils expliquent (chargeur sur la batterie pour éviter qu'elle se vide pendant la manip) sans problèmes. Ensuite, Up du boitier avec le fichier performance (cal) en 3 minutes nikel. Effacement de 6 codes erreurs a ma grande surprise! Vraiment du très bon matos.
    Friday, 17 April 2009
    This is an amazing tuning tool for Renault cars. I can say that is better than vag com tool. I'm using it for data logging and it's very fast as it logging a lot of parameters every 100ms !!! Here in Greece we organized a group buy and Henk was very helpful with all of us Greek customers.
    Monday, 16 March 2009
    This product is tuned by Henke. I'm very happy after upload into my clio 172. very smooooooth.. from 2k rpm to 7k rpm. But I have suggestion if user can change parameters by themselves. e.g. low fan turn on/off. Anyway,this is the best of tuning tool for my clio 172.
    Chan KS
    Thursday, 12 March 2009
    I bought this kit and took week to come. Never done anything like this before so you could call me a newbie at this. Backup up my Clio 182 ECU then updated the ECU software to the latest version + latest calibration version which in total came to 20 minutes to upload to the ECU. So i took my car for a test run and could not believe how much more responsive it is and how much more it pulls. I have a Simota induction kit and Ktech exhaust system and the car did not run 100% until i bought the RSTuner kit. I would recommend this to any one with a Renault 182 as it does make such a difference. Santapod RWYB on the 15th! HAL from Peterborough, UK
    Andrew hallam
    Monday, 09 February 2009
    Henke, your a legend.... Love your product and the transformation on the car is amazing... No more lag.... BTW - arrival time was quicker then i thought.. THANKS... Keep up the great work.. As you already know i have recommended a few mates to buy your product... More to come...
    Jovica Djuric
    Sunday, 31 August 2008
    Henke is a real pro, very happy with the final result and have had great fun through the whole process. The new .cal file has transformed the car, I am addicted to second gear and will just drive around the block just to keep mashing the loud petal :) This is by far the best BFYB mod for the R26 hands down, couldn't be happier!
    Geoffrey Emerson
    Tuesday, 29 July 2008
    Aucun francais n a encore écrit son commentaire? Et je vais le faire: -Livraison en france hyper rapide, commandé le dimanche soir et recu le jeudi matin!!! -La programmation est hyper facile: il suffit de lire la notice tres bien faite. Pour les resultats, c'est simple:que du mieux partout avec le fichier GrN.rst.Les mi-régimes sont plus coupleux et le moteur se déchaine jusque 7800trs/min. C'est vraiment pas mal car au delà d une pincée de chevaux supplementaires, vous avez une courbe de couple qui démarre bien plus tot.A partir de 3500/4000trs/min on sent le premier coups de feu, ensuite le "fameux" 5000trs/min, mais là où cela m a bluffé c'est encore un dernier coup de pied à 6500trs/min.On a vraiment l impression qu elle ne s arretera pas de prendre des tours.Et ce n est pas des tours de fillette car le couple est bien là... Ma config est: -Cale injecteur/plenum/papillon retravaillés -Admission style cup -Ligne full decata inox Tout ca sur sur clio 2 rs2 de 2002. Vu le prix, foncez!!!!
    Friday, 21 March 2008
    Bought on 15th march arrived 20th march to the UK, installed a map recomended to me by henk, my thoughts brilliant picks up so much more, feels less bogged down totaly transformed the car and with very easy instllation, best thing about it i can change the map to suit any further car modifications i add if need be congratulation to fastchip.nl for a truly superb product
    vernon mcclelland
    Sunday, 03 February 2008
    hey , heb gisteren ook de rs tuner kit gebruikt en de ecu van de clio geflached nr de groep n software , en was eerlijk gezegt heel aangenaam verrast met de vorderingen die de wagen nu heeft tegen ervoor met de standaard ecu groeten bart
    bart beelen
    Friday, 19 October 2007
    Een paar uur geleden heb ik m'n auto geflashed met de Group N software, ik ben er zeer over te spreken, ik merk dat de Clio wat "gretiger" is en dat er onderin de toeren ook wat te merken valt. Verder is de software super makkelijk in gebruik en het flashen van de eeprom een koud kunstje. Kortom een zeer leuk speeltje voor een absoluut schappelijke prijs!
    Monday, 08 October 2007
    Mijn naam is Bart en ik ben ook meer dan tevreden over de RS Tuner kit. Bij mijn type Clio waren wat problemen met het inloggen op de auto, maar de dag nadat ik de bestelling had gedaan werd ik hierover netjes opgebeld met de mededeling dat de levertijd iets langer zou worden. Ik heb daarna nog wat problemen gehad op m'n laptop die op Vista draaide, maar al deze problemen kreeg ik de dag erna en soms dezelfde dag nog antwoord op van Henk. Ik heb zelden zulk goede service van een bedrijf gehad. Ik heb mijn Clio nu met de Groupe_N mapping geflashed en het verschil is duidelijk merkbaar. De auto reageerd vele malen beter op het gaspedaal en voelbaar meer koppel, ook het schakelen voelt stukken soepeler aan. Je kan met de Groupe_N flash tevens je Cliootje doortrekken tot de 7800rpm :) geweldig net dat beetje extra. Ik hoop dat er in de toekomst nog meer functies in het programma komen zoals foutdiagnose en het schrijven van eigen flash files. Henk hartstikke bedankt voor dit geweldige produkt. Groeten Bart
    Monday, 01 October 2007
    Very happy with this kit, ordered from the UK on Wednesday and arrived Friday morning. Noticeable difference in pickup and through the rev range using the Group N map sent via email. Easy installation on my old laptop and worked a treat to backup my old ECU and upload the new gr_N file. What’s better is in future releases of the RStuner software being able to diagnose fault codes and edit your own ECU maps. Highly recommended and for just over £100 good value. Dan
    daniel greenaway
    Friday, 14 September 2007
    Hi, Ben in bezit van dit geweldige programma en ben er erg blij mee! Zeker de moeite waard en een zeer scherpe prijs. Zelf group_N file geflashed (met dank aan Henk) Erg mooi die grafieken tijdens draaien van de motor. Programma wordt in de toekomst nog veel uitgebreider. Rs loopt netter, voelbaar meer koppel en bij rustig rijden ook nog eens zuiniger. Vragen, benieuwd Cliorspower@gmail.com Laterz