The all-in-one RENAULT tuning solution for amateurs and professionals alike.

RSTuner software and VCI firmware are ready for Windows 10!

Latest Software

Make sure you use the latest versions of our software and firmware.

Trusted Performance

All our calibration maps are created in-house by our world-renowned (and often copied), SAE certified calibration engineer.


Easy to Use

Our software is consumer oriented, not only for mechanics. We've worked with Renault's dealer software and improved on it. However, easy-to-use does not mean lacking in options or power.

Personal Support

We go to great lengths to support our valued customers. We've created custom software builds and updated calibrations on weekends to solve specific issues. We're here to help, but please read our FAQs and manuals before asking!

Easy Tuning.

Load a calibration and tune your car within minutes with just a few mouse clicks.

Easy Diagnostics.

Diagnose and fix your car without expensive trips to the dealer.

Programming Tutorial

One of our tutorial videos showing you how easy it is to program your own car with RSTuner. Programming your car can be done as often as you want at no extra cost!

About Fastchip

Founded over 15 years ago, Fastchip is now one of the leading experts in the field of Renault tuning.

Fastchip has engineered maps for customers all over the world, either in person or remotely through our set of hardware and software tools.

Currently our focus is on RENAULT tuning and diagnosis solutions.

We create hardware...

...and software...

...for enthusiasts worldwide.


  • New stuff!

    Our AIO Suite, which brings map tracing and editing to RSTuner, is now available! Click the link to learn more.

    Alongside the introduction of AIO Suite we have for you brand new FASTCHIP VCI firmware 194 and RSTuner 6 - both downloadable for free!


    RSTuner AIO Suite

  • Website Update

    Our website has been updated with a fresh new look and the latest versions of Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3.

    Security updates:

    • We have installed an SSL certificate - shop with confidence!

    • Two Factor Authentication has been added. Each user can decide to enable this on their profile.
    • Latest Joomla and Virtuemart versions include many security improvements.


    Other changes include a ticket system for customer support, and products are now grouped by vehicle model in our shop, making it easier for you to find what you need.

  • Product review

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    (Within 60 days of purchase and publishing)


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