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    RSTuner Kit

    RSTuner Diagnostics & Programmer kit
    Close-up of standard RSTuner model.
    Sales price 209,00 €
    Pictured with USB and OBD cables.
    LEDs showing connection status.
    Top right: Pro / Premium model with detached I/O plug.

    The RSTuner kit allows you to unlock your Renault's hidden power.

    Simply plug the interface in between your laptop and your car's OBD diagnostics port, and within minutes you can upload one of our performance maps to give you additional engine horsepower. No cutting, wiring, or other such modifications, simply plug-and-play and enjoy the unlocked performance.


    Fastchip Stage1 map is included with every purchase that will give instant performance gains between 1-40 Horsepower (depending on the car type) , over stock levels.
    Our included Stage 1 map will NOT lock your ECU ! Unless you request us to do so (to prevent dealer overwriting for instance)


    Also gives you the ability to easily change maps as you upgrade to new parts for your car. All possible with a few mouse clicks with the RSTuner kit!

    Our staged maps are developed in house and tested on a Dynojet single roller rolling road, to guarantee top quality.


    For details and images of the products included in this kit, please see:


    RSTuner software project page


    VCI hardware project page


    User Requirements

    • Familiarity with standard Windows based software applications. [PC/laptop needed]
    • RSTuner is provided on the understanding that the user appreciates and understands the responsibilities in regards to reprogramming the ECU.
    • User must have a good knowledge of the English language as the software comes in an English version only !


    RSTuner Pro

    Our Pro model accepts up to 4 external sensors (0-5 V) such as Wide Band sensors, right into our auto-scaling Live Data datalogger. You will have real time data from those sensors integrated with your standard engine ECU Sensor Data for easier understanding.


    RSTuner Premium

    The Premium model comes with a built-in 'Flight Data Recorder' which can record many hours of engine live data without the use of a laptop, simply by pressing the control button. During trackdays all data can be recorded and later reviewed at home from your PC. External trigger port can be set to every available live data parameter. This way it can be set up to be a shift light, knock warning light or an IC waterspray trigger. Or anything else that you find useful.



    RSTuner model comparison chart

    RSTuner features Standard Pro Premium
    OBD Protocol

    ISO 8 / ISO 9141 / ISO 14230
    CAN 15765 CAN

    Reprogramming Y Y Y
    Actuator test Y Y Y
    DTC Fault codes Y Y Y
    Performance analyzer Y Y Y
    Performance calibration (single vehicle license) Y Y Y
    Real-time datalogger
    (csv export feature allows you to view via Excel)
    Y Y Y
    Analog I/O connector
    (connect wideband sensors or other)
      Y Y
    Flight Data Recorder
    (internal storage without the need for a laptop)
    Other modules All other modules are compatible with all RSTuner variants. Visit the modules section of our shop to see all available modules to extend the functionality of your RSTuner!


    What do you get? RSTuner Kit contents:

    Standard Pro Premium
    Fastchip VCI hardware Standard Pro with:
    +analog I/O
    Premium with:
    +analog I/O
    +internal storage
    Firmware Updatable firmware
    Software Latest RSTuner software
    Map / calibration Fastchip Stage1 map - instant performance gains between 1-40 horsepower (depending on car type) over stock levels.
    OBD-RJ45 cable Y Y Y
    USB A/B cable Y Y Y
    Quickstart Guide Y Y Y
    Analog I/O   Y Y
    Internal storage     Y
    Auxillary USB car plug     Y


    In short, all you need to get started with tuning your Renault!


    Ordering help

    Version: the type of RSTuner Kit you wish to purchase (see comparison chart above)
    Vehicle: The vehicle model the RSTuner will be used on. The four characters you see listed (e.g. CB**) are the first four characters after "VF1" in the VIN. Example: VF1CB220605829478. Your VIN is your chassis number starting with 'VF1". Look onto your car registration or door sticker.
    Modules: select the optional module you wish to purchase to extend the capabilities of your RSTuner (more modules are available, see the modules section in our shop for detailed information). Additional modules can also simply be added to your cart, the dropdown menu here is added for your convenience.


    Wednesday, 26 December 2018
    All the reviews are spot on. I am on my second honeymoon with my Clio IV RS again. Love your work Henk.
    Joseph Samolej
    Friday, 25 May 2018
    First of all using RSTuner is easy and literally your kid can do it. With new calibration my clio is reborn. No flap spot, better throttle response and all together amazing results. Don't hesitate because this will change your car for better and put smile on your face. My best recommendation to everyone who ownes Renault
    Thursday, 08 March 2018
    I used the RStuner VCI to update my stock ecu cal. file on my (53) RS Clio with the stage 1 (98ron) cal. file. The update took only a few minutes & my car has been totally transformed... It now seems to have more power & more torque, especially in the low to mid rev range. ? In addition to this it now also handles corners far better than it ever did before, the increase in torque totally eliminates any oversteer issues & causes the car to understeer more which in my opinion is easier to manage. ? Awesome, ? % recommend. BillyClio, UK. ??
    William John Braniff
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