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    TRW EPS support for Clio 3

    Clio 3 steering controller support
    Sales price 39,00 €
    Choose desired steering force strategy. Only functional when interface is paired with vehicle (valid vehicle license).

    This module enables Electronic Power Steering configuration / DTC codes clearing support for Clio 3.
    Read and clears all steering related fault codes. Choose the power steering assistance you desire, ranging from weak to strong within a few mouse clicks !


    This module requires a valid vehicle license!


    Module requirements:

    • Latest RSTuner software release (free download)
    • Fastchip VCI with firmware 178 or higher

    Module features:

    • Read and clears all pending/stored EPS fault codes.
    • Choose desired steering force strategy, weak--strong. (valid vehicle license required)


    Strategy  – (RS normal chassis)

    Strategy – (RS chassis sport)


    Engine calibrations, Unlock codes, Modules and car (reprog) licenses are digital content. Digital content is non-returnable and non-refundable.
    Please add your MUC code from the RSTuner Module Control Panel to the comment field of the order form.
    Do NOT order without MUC code which can be retrieved by clicking the 'module' button in RSTuner.

    MUC not required when adding modules to an RSTuner Kit order.


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