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    Technical assistance

    Fault finding and technical assistance
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    Engine running rough or having fault codes but don't know how to decode them ?

    We offer technical assistance that might help you solve these issues. Make full use of RSTuner software & hardware to make the relevant data logs and fault code(s) screenshots.


    Fastchip consultants

    Henk: SAE certified calibration engineer. 15 Years of mechanical 4-stroke SI engine experience.
    _: Renault service technician. 10 Years of Renault Dealership hands-on experience.
    Fastchip consultant will use its best endeavours to perform the requested work, based on the feedback and materials given by you.
    After placing your order, please submit a ticket in the technical assistance category and include your files.
    Fastchip does not warrant that the technical support will meet your needs or requirements, is fit for your purposes, or will be error free.


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